Visual Revolutionary - Podcast Interview

Nov 23, 2016 - This week on the show we get the chance to talk with Actor, Skateboarder, Entrepreneur, and, most important to this show, avid film photographer Jason Lee.  Whether you know him from his days as a cutting edge professional street skater, his cult classic character Brodie in "Mall Rats", the lead singer of Stillwater in "Almost Famous", or everyone's favorite apologist Earl Hickey, you definitely know him.  What you might not have known, is that Jason Lee has spent the last 16 years devouring everything he could learn about film photography and creating a beautiful body of work with an amazing collection of vintage cameras.  Recently he partnered up with Refueled Magazine to create a limited addition coffee table book of his peel apart polaroid work that features images from his travels across the American West.  They are currently working on the second edition and Jason has plans on returning to the road in his old truck to continue shooting.  On this episode we talk about the early days of street skating, the influence that Mark Gonzales had on him, what made him want to be an actor, working with directors like Kevin Smith and Cameron Crowe, and what made him pick up a camera in the first place.  Jason has gone on to help inspire others to have a passion for film photography by starting Film Photographic, an online curated forum for people to show their work, with more plans coming soon.