For issue no. 4 of the magazine's ONE SERIES (one subject for the entire issue), I wanted to do something more comprehensive with my photography, as prior to this project it had only been published in bits and pieces and only in magazines. While Refueled is itself a magazine, the idea quickly became to make the issue more of a traditional hardbound photo book offering. We'd decided to separate my peel-apart and conventional film photos into two volumes, as I have quite a lot of each, with volume 1 being peel-apart and volume 2 conventional film. But the follow-up was eventually abandoned with our focus being redirected to the collaborating on my large format Texas series, A PLAIN VIEW, as a stand-alone book. Chris Brown from Refueled is a great collaborator, and I'm happy that his RF Book Co collaborated with my Film Photographic in the creation of the new book. So, as it stands, Volume 1 exists on its own, with no current plans for a Volume 2.