Oklahoma 4x5


While I’m using 120 and 35mm films for this new Oklahoma series, which I didn’t for the Texas series, A PLAIN VIEW, it was important to keep the old 4x5 camera active, as an extension of sorts 

To have a handful of large prints on display for next year’s Philbrook Museum exhibition is important, and those are best made from larger films 

And there’s something about that particular film and the old lens I use on the Speed Graphic camera that I’ve really grown to almost need at this point 

For every roll of 120 or 35mm I expose in Oklahoma with the smaller cameras, I find it important, and even crucial, to use the bigger Portra film to keep with a theme of sorts; to keep the pages in the same book, one similar geography to another (perhaps I’ll carry on with this approach as I continue to move about the States) 

The above photos are a few examples from the old Graflex, from Tulsa and outward 

So far ... 

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