The Folklore Project


Pictured here with Chris Pastras during the ‘Earl’ days on the set of a Stereo Skateboards pilot we made for MTV called THE STEREO SOUND AGENCY, a show of skits, skateboarding, and musical acts, set in the style of the old PLAYBOY AFTER DARK television show 

Our show didn’t see life past the pilot but was a lot of fun to make 

Having co-founded Stereo in 1992, which recently celebrated its 26-year-anniversary, Chris and I felt it was time to start another brand, a sister company to Stereo and one that would allow us a broader approach with product releases. We proudly introduce The Folklore Project

While Stereo is a more traditional and singular skate brand, The Folklore Project will release a variety of specialty boards, reissues of and new takes on pre-Stereo classics, guest pro and guest artist boards and other collaboration products, and lifestyle goods

Stereo has allowed us more creative opportunities than can be measured, and we will continue the brand, but The Folklore Project will extend beyond what we’ve been able to do with Stereo 

This first TFP offering of mine is a new take on a board from 1990, with art by Mark Penxa:


And another from Penxa, a new ‘Dune’ character board for Chris:


These and more boards to come are available HERE 

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