July, Texas to LA


408 miles so far. Amarillo today from Denton yesterday

Taking our time. Molinar hasn't seen much of Texas or northern Mew Mexico and Arizona, and so stopping often to show him places I've photographed in over the years and for my recent Texas series, and then the routes I've taken in the past in NM / AZ  

Left finally yesterday very late afternoon after discovering in Decatur, Texas that the meter in my Mamiya 7ii was not working and having to turn around and grab my Mamiya c330. One of my favorite cameras but I wanted 6x7 this trip 

But happy to be using the c330 again - now liking the idea of a square format series from this trip, although I'm not a fan of the 80mm lens I was forced to use (both my 55 and 65mm lenses are out of commission). But slowly growing used to it 

Also have the Mamiya Universal for Fuji 3000b and 100c, and the Bolex Super-16mm camera - this is the first time I'm using peel-apart, conventional, and 16mm films together on a road trip since 2009

It's nice to have the Bolex back on the road 

And to be exposing the Fuji instant films again - been since last year that I've used the medium


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