A PLAIN VIEW opening


A PLAIN VIEW, june 2 - 18, @artspace111

A big thank you to all who braved the heavy rain and made the opening tonight, and to those who purchased prints. And to the kind folks at the gallery for having me

And to those who purchased prints upon today's website launch (SHOP) - after some decompression, I'll make and sign and date the prints and get them shipped out 

A PLAIN VIEW is very special to me, for a number of reasons, and so to see the 45 prints I chose from the new series framed and presented in a gallery setting, and to have received such positive feedback, meant a lot 

I made 297 4x5 exposures over 25 days of driving around Texas earlier this year. It's the most I've covered any state I've photographed in over the years, and the most color film I've ever exposed at one time. And the expired Kodak films through the old Kodak Ektar lens captured perfectly the scenes as I'd wanted to see them. Very happy with the palette, the narrative, and the print quality 

The next showing of prints from the series will be July 13 - August 12 at @preacheraustin 

In the meantime, the editing of the book will continue, with its release scheduled for end of year 

I'll be speaking about the series at the gallery June 14 at 6pm. For those interested in attending, please contact them. I'll have my camera from the series on hand and look forward to discussing and answering any questions about the process 

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