I had been experimenting with my Bolex 16mm camera for a couple years prior to this video and wanted to make something more 'official' with it. I was a big fan of Beck's, and his new album 'Sea Change' was amazing, and something I'd been waiting to hear from him, as he'd peppered in similar sounding songs that I really enjoyed on earlier releases. I kept seeing him all in white vacuuming in the street and pitched him a rough video idea. Everything white, to represent his world in contrast to the outside world. The idea was that his character finally leaves his uniform, predictable and isolated life to explore the world, maybe to find someone similar. Or maybe he's just leaving to go meet an old friend. It's open for interpretation. The idea for this video would become the seed for the 35mm short film THE WHITE DOOR, which was filmed three years later and stars Giovanni Ribisi and Beth Riesgraf and can be viewed on this website.